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The Association of Kashrus Organizations(AKO)


The Association of Kashrus Organizations was established in 1985. It was first chaired by Rabbi Benjamin Shandalov of the cRc, and then came under the direction of Rabbi Moshe Heisler at the Scroll K. Its primary goal is to unite the different kashrus agencies around the globe under one umbrella, serving the Jewish community to raise and maintain the highest level of kashrus possible. To that end, the leading authorities in the world today have a medium where they can discuss the numerous situations that arise in the kashrus industry, to create a plan for emergency kashrus situations, to construct basic guidelines for mutually acceptable standards and to present a unified voice in kashrus.

Since 2003, AKO has seen a rebirth under the able direction of its executive director, Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Kashrus Administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc). Both in public forums and behind closed doors, AKO has become the nucleus of international kashrus administration.

While the AKO organization itself does not give any kosher endorsements, its members work together to provide the kosher community with the utmost in kosher supervision.



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