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New York…An estimated 11.5 million Americans buy $12.5 billion of kosher foods, a new survey by LUBICOM Marketing Consulting shows. Some studies, like the 2005 report by the Mintel Research Organization, put the figure at $14.5 billion. The numbers reflect sales to year-round Jewish kosher consumers, occasional Jewish customers (i.e. holiday shoppers), members of other religious faiths, and Americans who prefer kosher because of health, safety, or taste preferences. In the 2005 study, Mintel indicated that 21% of Americans either regularly or occasionally purchase kosher products because they are kosher (i.e. kosher hot dog). Of those, 55% listed health and safety as the reason for their purchase, 38% are vegetarians, 16% eat halal, and 35% preferred kosher because of taste or flavor. The kosher symbol appears on $285 billion of consumer goods sold in U.S. supermarkets, nearly 60% of all such goods produced for sale in U.S. groceries. Even more striking is the astounding figure of ingredients in products that are certified as kosher. An estimated 70% of all ingredients sold to U.S. food companies are kosher certified. In the past eight years, kosher sales have increased by 10% - 15% each year. Only organic foods exceeded that number in some years. The number of kosher certified products sold in the U.S. has topped 110,000. Some 2100 products were certified kosher in 2007. In the U.S., 10,650 companies and plants produce kosher products.